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Two-bedroom condominium
unit at Esparina Residences, Size 700 sqf

When the homeowners bought
this apartment, it was a huge,
empty space, says Carine.
After she got down to work,
the 14-year-old resale unit was
transformed into a serene and inviting sanctuary
within a month.
Major renovations, such as the hacking of walls,
were not necessary, as the previous owner had
already removed a few structures, including the
balcony beside the living area. Carine converted this
space into a cosy sitting area, and added a platform
to separate it from the rest of the living room.
This corner where house guests can chill out,
features craftstone brick walls, and a customised ledge that extends to form part of the entertainment
console and cabinet.
On the opposite end of the living space is the
dining area with a feature wall of floor-to-ceiling
mirrors and pop-out wood panels. The mirrors
make the room appear even more spacious.
Carine also used lighting to showcase
structures such as the cabinet doors in the living
room, as well as backlighting above and below the
TV feature wall. The warm light accentuates the
cosiness of the home, and its wood-based aesthetic.
She finished the look with furniture of a simple and
timeless quality.

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