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Three-storey semi detached house on Holland Grove View

This three-storey semi-detached house is home
to a couple in their 40s, and their three kids.
The designers at Arte Living Design Studio took
advantage of the spaciousness of the interiors and
kept it pared down, with clean lines and an extensive
use of white and wood.
In the living room, the wood veneer panel behind
the television adds a touch of texture to the space, as
does soft furnishings such as the brown carpet. White
slab-cut marble underfoot throughout the ground
level creates a simple yet luxurious look.
For contrast against the light-coloured space, a
dark wood dining table, paired with black dining chairs,
anchor the dining area. Miniforms hanging pendant
lamps from Xtra in white, grey, yellow and wood are the
only colour in the space.
When open to the outdoors – via a folding glass
door – the dining area enjoys relaxing water sounds
from the water feature outside.
Upstairs, the family room is designed with
built-in study tables that line the length of the
wall in the room, for the couple’s school-going
children. In the master bedroom, a pink wall offers
a feminine touch, and a cosy feel.

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